Locust Springs Christian Retreat Center exists for the purpose of providing a Christian atmosphere in a natural setting where all persons of faith can assemble and fellowship to the Glory of God.
In 1993, a group met together with a vision for a retreat center.  It hard to imagine how this place has grown for those early partners.  Now, after 20 years, the retreat center consists of 165 acres and can accommodate over 100 people with inside options and have had groups of well over 100 with tents on the property.  From the heritage cabin/house to celebration hall to youth cabins to victory center, campers can worship God.  In addition, there are outdoor pavilions, a natural lake side setting for canoeing and fishing, a basketball court, campfire pits and of course, the hillbilly waterslide. 
Our newest project is to begin construction on an outdoor prayer garden consisting of stones to sit and/or kneel on as well as a center fire pit.  With over 7500 guests annually, we anticipate this will be a "life changer" for sure. 

The Retreat is a tax exempt non profit corporation chartered in 1993. All contributions to the facility are tax deductible on your income tax return, to the extent allowed by the law.

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